Spotted Wing Drosophila

Spotted Wing Drosophila is an invasive pest for horticultural crops and is attributing to serious economic losses in small and stone fruits.
SWD is different from other Drosphila's (common fruit fly) as

  • SWD attacks ripe or ripening fruits only
  • Male SWD has black spots on the wings
  • Female SWD has serrated ovipositor

SWD is a fast reproducing pest (10-80 cycles per year) coupled with high oviposition rate (more than 20 eggs/day). Warm temperatures (above60℉) and humid conditions are favorable for reproduction of SWD.

A study was conducted at MSU to ascertain the impact ofProfuze on infestation of SWD in blueberries. Profuzewas sprayed at weekly interval starting from fruit ripening stage and observations were recorded periodically.
The number of blueberries infested with larvae of SWD were recorded and compared with recommended market product. the graph highlights significant impactof Profuzeapplication in reducing the number of SWD larvae per gram of berries

A significant reduction in number of larvae per gram of blueberries were recorded from ripened or over ripened berries

Fruit bioassay was conducted with an objective to understand the obstruction in egg laying by SWD female following application of Profuze on blueberries.

The study highlighted a significant reduction in the number of scars observed on blue berries post application of PROFUZE. This could be attributed to the formation of protective layer of biogenic silica within walls of fruits by PROFUZE


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