The Farmers Club is an initiative to create an interactive community of farmers, agriculturist and agronomists, dedicated to adopt, promote and advocate natural/ organic farming methods within their communities.

We are actively engaged with these communities by providing support and collaborations for adopting new methods, practices and approaches for natural/organic farming.

As members you will have access to:

  • Updated information on organic standards
  • Technical guidance for cultivation through consults
  • Facilitation for linkage to certifying agencies
  • Providing information and knowledge on organic agri-inputs
  • Membership discounts on products
  • Access to newletters
  • Intimation and updates on Events, Fairs, Conferences and Training Programs

Please take a few minutes to let us know you better.

 Local market
 Branded product in local market
 Branded product for export
 All of the Above

 Company representative's
 All of the Above

 State agricultural Departments
 State agricultural universities
 Media (print/digital)
 Meetings organized by private sector

 Water shortage
 Climate change
 Disease pressure
 Insect pressure
 Soil health
 Nutritional problems
 Wild animals
 Timely availability of agri-inputs
 Post harvest losses


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