Synergistic interactions among ingredients of PROFUZE attributes to deliver pronounced and discrete impact on a range of horticultural crops. Majority of horticultural crops are long-lived and are exposed to vagaries of nature.
Climatic challenges pose a serious threat towards production and quality of this category of crops. Nutrition management is the foundation for getting optimum quality and quantity of produce. PROFUZE optimizes the crop nutritional status by facilitating the uptake and utilization of nutrients from soil.

Crop with balanced nutritional status is least affected by variety of abiotic and biotic stresses experienced by such perennial crops. In addition to the nutritional status, ingredients of PROFUZE have a role in strengthening plant cell wall and to increase levels of antioxidants in cell.

These features ascertain significant reduction in loss in productivity and quality of produce under abiotic stresses like drought conditions, extreme temperatures or untimely rains.

Foliar application of PROFUZE reduces incidence of pest and diseases by inducing physiological and anatomical changes. PROFUZE activates the plant defense mechanism. Application of PROFUZE also provides a stiffness in plant tissues by depositing a biogenic silica layer within cells. This layer acts as a "protective lining", which obstructs penetration of fungal hypae within the cells.

Insect pests feeds on cells with additional protective layer experiences wearing of their mandibles in short span of time, thus restricting their feeding or penetration ability.

Under reduced stress conditions, perennial horticulture crops would have extended productive life coupled with increased quality of produces in terms of color, aroma, firmness, antioxidant levels, degree of sweetness.

Regular application of PROFUZE at critical crop stages is recommended for profound beneficial impact on productivity and quality.

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