Elmwood Ag Services is an agribusiness that pledges to market environmentally friendly agro input chemicals directly to growers. Elmwood Ag Services focuses on natural chemistry promoting healthy plants and quality yields with an approach to address concerns and challenges of horticultural growers across the United States.
Elmwood Ag Services has a team of professionals with vast experience in cultivation of horticultural crops like Blueberries, Saskatoon and Strawberries. The team has sound technical insight of cultivation practices of these horticultural crops. They are aware of various challenges and hindrances towards getting desired quality and quantity of produce. Owing to these, promoters ventured into the agribusiness with the vision to introduce green chemistry based products to cater the diverse needs of such plantations.

Growers are expressing active interest in adopting horticultural crops across the United States. Over 80% of total production comes from fifteen states, with California being the leading state. A survey of USDA (2018) indicated that 39% of total horticultural crops are consumed as fresh while the rest are processed in various ways. Change in lifestyle and preference of vegetarian food has increased the market demand of these crops, thereby resulting in the expansion of their cultivation areas.
Most of berries and fruit crops are perennial and are thus exposed to vagaries of nature. Such fluctuations in climatic conditions have a profound impact on overall quality and quantity of produce

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